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Welcome to Spareoom.Net!
This site is dedicated to bringing you the best Narnia graphics, news, and all-around fun stuff available.
Enjoy your stay!

11-23-10: New layout up! :) I've also started some general housekeeping around the site, with an eye to start major updates/whatnot next week. As soon as November is over! Anyway, enjoy!

11-19-10: Guess what! I'VE SEEN THE MOVIE!!! Yes! :D With huge thanks to everyone who made it possible, I was able to attend a special pre-screening of the new Narnia movie last night. If you're interested in hearing my spoiler-free thoughts on the film, check out my little impressions post here. I'm SO excited for this film, and I know you will be too!
I've got a TON of updates planned, not to mention a new layout hopefully within the next week or so. :D I can't wait to finally give this site the attention that it deserves!

11-10-10: So, so sorry about not writing sooner, folks! So I have a bit of explaining to do. ;)
Back in September, my site got exploited through a security breech I had, so I had to remove my news posting code. That alone has made updating fairly difficult for me. And then life got really busy, and this November I'm completely SWAMPED, so there you have it!
I'm in the process of finding a new news poster (if you know of one that is secure and is not too complicated, shoot me an email), and I'm slowly working on getting the site updated. I went ahead and added caps from the two most recent VdT trailers, here (thanks to gP of Narniaweb for the second teaser trailer caps!). They're not the best, but they will do until I have a chance to go and get some custom ones done. :)
Hopefully as soon as Thanksgiving is over, I will have a chance to get in here and really rehaul the site before the movie release. I'm planning a new layout, new graphics, maybe a contest, and all other random fun stuff, all before the movie comes out. It's a lot, but I think I owe you all that much!
Thanks for hanging in there, and I'll be updating again soon!
- Lisa

9-9-10: My deepest apologies for all the technical difficulties on the site at the moment! I'm working on getting them fixed right now. Thank you for understanding!

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